We provide solutions for recycling the waste water for reusing the same in variety of applications.

Industries, commercial & domestic establishments face following challenges for which our recycling solutions can help.

  • Water availability issues.
  • Consumption of water increasing beyond sanctioned limits due to expansion or change of process
  • Effluent disposal volume exceeding the sanctioned limits.
  • ZLD imposed by pollution control board.
  • Nearby residents or farmers complaining about disposed effluent.
  • Lack of disposal facilities for treated effluent.

Innovative technologies for treatment of water reuse are gaining importance in whole world. Recycled water can satisfy most water demands as long as it is adequately treated to ensure water quality, appropriate for use.

Recycled water can be used for non-potable purpose such as agriculture, landscape, public park, golf course irrigation, road washing, toilet flushing, car wash etc.

Also for industrial application like cooling water, boiler feed, ash quenching, coal dust suppression, fogging, road and floor washing, toilets, processes, coolant preparation, electroplating rinse baths, concrete mixing, artificial lakes this treated water can be used.

Some of the advantages of reuse water are:

  • Reduces environmental hazards
  • Compliance to PCB norms
  • Reduced water consumption and intake
  • Water source and quality remains in your control.
  • Sometimes reduction in treatment and pumping costs and disposal costs.
  • Reduced complaints, troubles by nearby residents or farmers.
  • Allows capacity expansions without fresh sanctions from PCB / Water supply authorities.

Our products and systems for market Reuse include:

  • Effluent and Sewage treatment.
  • RO, Media Filtration, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration.
  • UV Disinfection system.
  • Zero Discharge system

In general, recycled water can be produced 'fit for purpose' and depending on a suitable level of treatment can be used in any situation.